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After an eight month lead inspector internship in 1991, Tom Petty started Accurate Lead Testing in early 1992.  ALT is the longest running lead evaluation firm in the Rocky Mountain region. Early work was for HUD public housing, with lead inspections for thousands of units.  Large projects were done in Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.  Other Housing Authority testing was done for Pueblo, Lakewood, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Greeley and Fort Collins, as well as many smaller towns.  Other HUD projects were tested in Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Washington. 


Over 1500 private residences have been inspected.  Other projects include National Park, USFS, DOW, BLM, Superfund sites, military facilities, USDA Rural Development and other low income rehab/weatherization loans, CDBG, city and county facilities, schools, HUD foreclosure program and “Dust in U.S. Homes”, the National Lead and Asthma Study, with HUD/EPA, NIHS, CDC and Harvard University, a data gathering project.


Tom has done lead inspector and risk assessor training at U. of Utah, Colo. St. U., State of Minnesota, and Gobbell Hays, Denver.




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